Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake for Breakfast?

Let me first off explain “Bulking Belly”
As basically everyone I’ve ever known does, I love food. I’m obsessed with desserts (especially chocolate and cheesecake) and Mexican food. I enjoy eating, despite the fact that I know I should eat way less than I do. This leads to my internal need to workout 5-6 times a week. I try to eat healthy most of the week and have “cheat days” once or twice a week.

So, I workout with a few of my guy friends, most of the time, and they tend to eat massive amounts of food and attribute the fact that they’re “bulking” to the insane binge eating. My girl friends and I always joke that we wish we could “bulk” because that would give us a reason to eat whatever we want.

Therefore, I truly desire a bulking belly, but am too consumed by self-image, others, and the desire to actually be healthy.




So this is vi-shape shake powder. While I personally distrust breakfast replacements and nutrition shakes, I really like these. I tend to make the more “dessert” like shakes with cocoa powder, sugar free cheesecake pudding mix, or a tablespoon of peanut butter. It’s 90 calories for just the powder then you add some milk and whatever flavorings your heart desires.

My mom, who does not eat too much, drinks these and stays content until lunch. I drink one of these with an English muffin or some other small carbs and can normally hold off until lunch. They’re super fast and easy to adapt to any flavors you’d like, plus it’s so simple to do at home. They contain a good number of protein for women and very little sugar (which is what I tend to pay the most attention to).

Overall, I’d say, give it a shot if you want to stay full a little longer and want something simple and tasty.



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